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Artisan Felting: Wearable Art

By Jenny Hill

This artistic, inspirational guide to wearable art shows you how to nuno-felt patterns and textures into luxurious fabrics like georgette, chiffon, and silk, then design garments to feature them. Using only hand friction, soap, and water, bond wool and silk fibers together to create lightweight, one-of-a-kind clothing and accessories. Fashion designer Jenny Hill's striking, comfortable high-end garments have many fans in the world of artisan fashion, and she teaches you her envirnmentally friendly processes. Learn the techniques and skills with 7 tutorial-approach projects: marbled scarf with fringe, 3-D textured poncho, felt fur vest, hand-dyed airy tunic, embroidered bolero jacket, tailored blazer, jacket option, and luxurious gown. Each project has instructions, beautiful close-up photography of the steps, and fashion photos of the finished piece.

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Image 5.0 stars out of 5

I was really excited to see this book come into the shop! It's a great resource for wet felters who want to up their felting game with felted garments. Jenny begins with the underlying principles of creating a nuno-felted garment from start to finish. This includes tools, workspace, fiber placement techniques, fulling and shaping, shrink rates and pattern template design. She continues with 7 guided projects to display those principles on a variety of garment shapes with LOADS of pictures to help with technique.

Each project works with new textural and dye effects as well. Armed with the underlying principles and the hands-on practice, the reader will be able to design and create unique felted garments! This book is accessible to felters with an introductory knowledge of nuno felting.

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