Drawloom Weaving Revised 2nd Edition

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Drawloom Weaving Revised 2nd Edition

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Drawloom Weaving
An Introduction to Warping and Weaving on a Drawloom - 2nd Edition

By Joanne Hall

This heavily illustrated book gives the new drawloom weaver a good start with warping and weaving on a drawloom. Topics include choosing projects, winding and beaming your warp, making drawcords, tie-ups, tying on a new warp, and weaving damask, opphamta, and straight entry drafts.

Although these instructions apply to most drawlooms, specific details and measurements are for the Myrehed drawloom. These instructions assume that you have experience with reading drafts and weaving. One needs to have a basic understanding of how a traditional loom is warped and tied up.

The revised edition contains 16 additional pages.

Paperback, 49 pages, color, spiral bound
8.5 x 11 inches
Published 2020

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