Glimakra Double Warp Beams

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Glimakra Double Warp Beams

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The Double Warp Beam consists of one warp beam and one back beam and a pair of bushings. It is located just above the regular back beam and turns in the opposite direction.

Kit includes: Warp beam, back beam, mounting blocks, ratchet & pawl, tie-on bar, 1 pair of lease sticks, and 24 warp sticks

A Double Warp beam is used when you have different materials in your warp, such as in some double weaves. In some techniques certain warp threads are bound less frequently than others and therefore not woven in as much, which makes them looser after a while. This is a good reason to have them on a separate beam.

A Double Warp beam also comes in handy in using supplemental warp threads, as in vertical rosepath and monk's belt.

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