Glimakra Julia Compact Floor Loom

Glimakra Julia Compact Floor Loom | Glimakra Julia Floor Loom
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Glimakra Julia Compact Floor Loom

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The Julia is the little loom with big potential! Compact and quiet, this space saver is the perfect apartment loom. Its lightweight yet sturdy construction makes treadling nearly effortless while producing high quality weaves. The Julia floor loom has a 26 weaving width and can be moved through doorways while fully assembled. It comes with a DVD and written instructions so that you can learn to weave on your own.

The Julia is comfortable for weaving because the treadling is easy, even when barefoot. The shafts move easily in response to your treadling. The hanging beater is easier on your hands and shoulders and it hangs back, out of the way. A beater cradle is provided so that you can advance the beater rather than advancing the warp so frequently. The high breast beam gives more leg space and comfort for treadling and treadle tie-up.

The Julia comes in either the counterbalance (4 shafts) or countermarch (4-8 shafts) style. Both models have a 32" by 32" footprint. An expansion kit is available for the countermarch style which converts the 4 shaft, 6 treadle Julia to the 8 shaft 8 treadle.


  • Reed (in 5, 6, 8, 10, or 12 DPI)
  • Instructions
  • 500 texsolv heddles
  • Texsolv tie-up kit
  • 24 beaming sticks
  • Lease sticks
  • Glimakra boat shuttle
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