Glimakra Sectional Warp Beams

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Glimakra Sectional Warp Beams

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The Sectional Warp Beam consists of 4 wooden boards with holes drilled for metal loops, which divide the beam into 25mm(1") sections. The boards are attached with screws directly to the regular warp beam and the metal loops are inserted in the holes.

Sectional Warping is an alternative to making a warp chain and then winding that on. In sectional warping you warp and wind on at the same time and one step is saved. Preslaying or the use of a raddle is also eliminated. Practically, sectional warping is done so that you wind on the full length of all warp threads that go within the section. That means that you will need to have as many spools as you need waprends in each section.

Sectional warping is especially convienient for long warps or when you have to warp by yourself.

A Tension Box is necessary for Sectional Warping

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