Heirlooms of Skane Weaving Techniques

Heirlooms of Skane Weaving Techniques | Weaving Books

Heirlooms of Skane Weaving Techniques

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Heirlooms of Skane
Weaving Techniques

By Gunvor Johansson

This outstanding book by Gunvor Johansson is available in English for the first time. Expanding on the original, it includes many additional examples not published in the original Swedish version. Informative as an instruction manual, it provides a stunning array of beautiful weaving techniques from Skåne in southern Sweden such as dukagång, rölakan, halvkrabba, krabbasnår, monks belt, trensaflossa, opphamta, and tretrampsväv (commonly known by its Norwegian name "krokbragd"). Each chapter in the book has plentiful detailed drafts and diagrams of weaving techniques and equipment, as well as many patterns. There are even close-up photos of the backsides of some techniques to show you how the finishing is done. Color plate after color plate of beautiful older textiles demonstrate how these techniques are combined together, often into one breathtaking piece. An additional chapter new in this English version describes in detail a wide array of finishing techniques including special edging techniques, fancy pillow corners, and other enticing tidbits. This book goes hand in hand with Svenska Mönster för Konstväfnader och Broderier (Swedish Patterns for Art Weaves and Embroidery), which has multiple charted patterns for these same techniques.

Hardcover, 90 pages, color
8.75 x 11.25 inches
Published 2016

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