In Search of Wild Silk

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In Search of Wild Silk

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In Search of Wild Silk:
Exploring a Village Industry in the Jungle of India

By Karen Selk

Textile artist Karen Selk delves into the amazing world of wild silk and the Indigenous people of India who raise these silkworms. Readers will be drawn into the captivating world of a unique living culture that has been engaged in a sustainable industry for generations.

Fosters an appreciation for the work and humanity of the artisans involved with wild silk For textile artists and anyone interested in the people and techniques involved in wild silk creation Explores the importance of maintaining a local and sustainable wild silk industry

Photos and anecdotes captured from weavers, spinners, and silkworm farmers transport readers into their homes and villages to get an up-close look at the intimate connection to the skill, dedication, and specialized tools and techniques the artisans use to transform cocoons into yarn and luxurious fabrics.

This little-known industry not only provides resplendent cloth but improves the environment and provides a sustainable income. It allows families and communities to stay together while preserving a way of life.

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