Learning to Weave (Revised Edition)

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Learning to Weave (Revised Edition)

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Learning to Weave (Revised Edition)
By Deborah Chandler

Since its first printing in the mid 80s, this book has become the standard text both for teachers and self-taught weavers. The author's friendly presence is constantly with you. Her words are clear and her advice sound. She covers all the basics. Then follows with some basic weave structures, block theory, drawdowns, choosing yarns, buying a loom, troubleshooting, finishing, and more. This revised edition adds an important chapter on warping back-to-front and updated resource lists.

Softcover, 232 pages, color
8¾ x 11¼ inches 
Published 1995
ISBN-13: 9781596681392 
ISBN-10: 159668139X 

Price: $26.99

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