Schacht Flatiron Bulky Plyer Flyer

Schacht Flatiron Bulky Plyer Flyer | Schacht Flatiron Spinning Wheel
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Schacht Flatiron Bulky Plyer Flyer

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Schacht has temporarily put manufacture of this item on hold. You are welcome to place an order, but we wonít be able to restock until this fall.

Add plying and bulky yarn capabilities to your Flatiron spinning wheel. Features include:

  • A generously sized 7/8″ orifice
  • Large-capacity bobbins (about 8 ounces)
  • Sliding flyer hooks
  • Large round guide hooks

Regular, travel, and high speed bobbins fit on the bulky flyer shaft, so you donít need to change flyers to use your existing bobbins. Bulky bobbins fit on the Tensioned Lazy Kate. Whorl ratios do not change when using the bulky flyer.

The Bulky Plyer Flyer comes with a bulky front maiden and bearing, a bulky flyer, and a bulky bobbin.

If you own multiple Schacht wheels, you can interchange the bulky flyer and bulky bobbin on Flatiron, Ladybug, Matchless, and Sidekick. Order a complete Bulky Plyer Flyer for one of your wheels, then order just the bulky front maiden for the others.

Price: $393.00

SKU: FI8805