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Shaped Tapestry

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Shaped Tapestry, 2nd Edition
By Kathe Todd-Hooker 

This book is filled with information about weaving tapestries "outside the box"-non rectangular, non flat and approaching the 3rd dimension. This book is the second edition. We have added color, a sturdier cover, more patterns, 3-D techniques, updated the new color gallery, expanded information from the first edition and added 10 pages of new information. There are many ways to weave non-rectangular tapestries: shaping on the loom, shaped looms, using scaffolding and other ways of manipulating images into 3-D shapes when the weaving is finished. The book also offers specialized finishing techniques for shaped tapestries.

Softcover, 88 pages

Published 2004

Price: $33.00

SKU: Todd-Hooker