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Watercolor Felt Workbook

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A Guide to Making Pictorial Felts Using Wet and Dry Felting Methods (2nd Edition)
By Pat Spark

This workbook is intended to help you learn the technique developed by Pat Spark, called "Watercolor Felt". Ms. Spark calls her method by this name because she uses concepts from painting, and applies those concepts to feltmaking. The result is felts that are visually similar to watercolors, but which are totally made of dyed fiber. There is no actual painting involved, unless you consider the placement of each individual colored fiber as "painting" with the fiber. The process involves the use of both the traditional, wet felting method and needle felting, also known as the dry felting method. Following Ms. Sparkís instructions with these two felting methods, you will be able to create your own pictorial felts. Donít know how to draw? Donít worry! Ms. Spark has included methods for working from photographs to create your images.

The workbook is divided into two sections. Section One describes basic felting information. Section Two is a series of samplers that will take you step by step through the various needle felting and wet felting methods you will need for doing the process. The samplers are sequential, with each one building upon the techniques of the last so that you will methodically gain the expertise needed to make the pictorial felts. All pictures and illustrations are in black and white with four pages of colored pictures showing the samplers you will make with a photograph of the flower or leaves at the top of the page and the finished felt piece at the bottom of the page.

Spiral Bound Softcover, 60 pages, black and white
ISBN-13: 9780975369883

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