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Fireside Jack loom an adventure at ETC

Appreciation is an understatement! My partner and I came to ETC with the hope or expectation of buying either a new or a used loom, and with the unstinting support of Susannah, Suzie, and Rob, over several hours, we selected a used loom… and we have only woven on a rigid heddle loom and have never had a class. They showed us every used or new loom in the store… and that is a lot… that had any similarity to our imagined desires. We learned a lot about looms and wound up buying a glorious Fireside loom that was made in Oregon in the early 80’s. (In polishing up our new loom we found its birthdate… you could say its birth certificate … stamped in one of the posts.) Instead of buying a new four-shaft loom in maple, we got an old, beautifully made eight-shaft loom in cherry-wood for less money. It will take over our family room, because it is a large, almost ponderous, but beautiful work of art. We can weave anything from hand towels to rugs. The service they rendered, from selecting the loom, explaining what will be needed to set it up, and then help loading it into our U-Haul trailer, was fantastic. I was already a happy customer, from buying yarns online, but now I’m an avid fan. Thank you all!

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