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Spinning Designer Yarns

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Spinning Designer Yarns
By Diane Varney

Many of us started spinning just for the fascination of creating our own yarn for our own projects. These first skeins told me that there is much more to learn to get consistent and planned results for each project, each fleece or new fiber. This new release from Interweave Press exploits their talent in book publishing and the talents of the author is bringing a serious, clearly accessible, manual on the spinning techniques for that next step of designing, dyeing, spinning, and fashioning exactly the yarn for the purpose at hand. Much information here for handling the fibers, using color theory and dye techniques, and finishing the yarn. This is a classic manual for spinners and textile designers.

Softcover, 96 pages
7 x 9 inches
Published 1987
ISBN-13: 9781931499392
ISBN-10: 193149939X

Price: $16.95

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