Washing Dyed Goods

Nothing is more disappointing than finishing a beautiful project and having the colors all bleed together once you wash it.

Cellulose Fibers (Cotton, Linen, Rayon, etc)

Plant fibers do not take up dye as well as wool, and any dyed yarns should be handled specially for their first rinse.

  • Use a teaspoon of Synthrapol in a small tub of warm water (not too hot!)
  • Soak your finished project for only about 3 minutes
  • Lightly rinse with clean water
  • Roll in a towel or spin out in the washer
  • Hang or lay flat to dry (or block, depending on what you are making)

Synthrapol is a special detergent that coats your fibers in a layer of polymer that prevents back-staining from loose dye particles.

Depending on the yarn, you will want to wash your items separately for the first two or three times (or at least with like colors) to minimize bleeding.

Wool and other Protein Fibers (Mohair, Silk, Alpaca, bunny, etc)

Wool and other protein fibers hold onto their dye much better than cellulose fibers. You don't always need to use Synthrapol for the first wash, (but it doesn't hurt).

You can minimize bleeding by using a little Synthrapol and wool wash in the initial soak.