Dress Your Swedish Drawloom

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Dress Your Swedish Drawloom

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Dress Your Swedish Drawloom
Damask, Opphämta and related techniques
With Becky Ashendon

This DVD was meant to build on the skills taught in the first video, "Dress Your Loom the Swedish Way."

This video contains the following chapters:

  *Mechanics of the Drawloom
  *Extending the Loom
  *Threading the Heddles
  *Shaft Draw System
  *Vertical Single Unit Draw System
  *Combination of Shaft Draw and Single Draw
  *Horizontal Single Unit Draw System with Lashes
  *Sword Damask
  *Tie-ups and Drafts

Opphämta is demonstrated with the weaving sword and the drawloom. Smålandsväv which although not actually a drawloom technique, uses two sets of shafts and is related to opphämta.

2 hrs, 28 mins
Vävstuga Press
Published 2004

Price: $50.00

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