JaggerSpun: The Heather Line

JaggerSpun: The Heather Line | JaggerSpun Wool

JaggerSpun: The Heather Line

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Heather is a top-dyed worsted spun 100% medium grade wool yarn. The heather effect is created by blending together many different shades to achieve each unique yarn color.

These yarns will loft and become softer after washing.

Only colors designated with and Asterisk (*) are available in 2/20

2/20 approx. 5,600 yards/pound, 1 lb cone
2/8 approx. 2,240 yards/pound, 1 lb cone
3/8 approx. 1,490 yards/pound, 1 lb cone
6/8 approx. 740 yards/pound, 1 lb cone

# These colors are being discontinued, order ASAP

Price: $45.00

SKU: JS Heather