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The best for towels

This is my go-to yarn for handwoven towels. Nice and soft, as advertised. Drapes nicely and hasn't broken or frayed while weaving.

I was really excited to see this book come into the shop! It's a great resource for wet felters who want to up their felting game with felted garments. Jenny begins with the underlying principles of creating a nuno-felted garment from start to finish. This includes tools, workspace, fiber placement techniques, fulling and shaping, shrink rates and pattern template design. She continues with 7 guided projects to display those principles on a variety of garment shapes with LOADS of pictures to help with technique.

Each project works with new textural and dye effects as well. Armed with the underlying principles and the hands-on practice, the reader will be able to design and create unique felted garments! This book is accessible to felters with an introductory knowledge of nuno felting.

Cotton 8/2 Baby Soft

The best for towels

This is my go-to yarn for handwoven towels. Nice and soft, as advertised. Drapes nicely and hasn't broken or frayed while weaving.

Designing Woven Fabrics

Love This Book

This is an amazing book! I'm currently weaving the sample blanket from her book and loving every minute. At the end I will have 500 different small 2/2 twill based samples in one blanket. Every new treadling is an adventure. Highly recommend this book.

Double with a Twist

Double With A Twist

Very poorly edited. This book has several printing errors and confusing information. The drafts are mainly written for looms with more than 8 shafts. When questioning Marian Stubenitsky about the drafts she provides conflicting information. I would not recommend this book for inexperienced weavers and the weavers who can interpret what Stubenisky means are skilled enough to not need this book at all. The translation of the book from Dutch to English may be part of the problem but overall I think it’s poorly edited

Eco Print

Eco Printing

Best class ever and Janis is the BEST.... More than 5 Stars!!!!!

Feast Art Yarns

Spinning Feast Yarn

A fabulous opportunity to play with all sorts of fibers and treasures to make a beautiful skein. Unlike anything I have tried before. Janice is very supportive, and offers excellent tips and advice. I am so excited to continues to apply this technique to fiber I have in my stash!

I am now ordering my 3rd Reindeer bench cover, so each of my 3 loom benches will have one. They are very comfortable, giving a bit of cushioning and warmth. They are easy to place and secure on the bench. Best thing for me--stops me from sliding around! Thanks Eugene Textile Center for offering this item.


Great Store!

I just ordered for the first time. Great customer service, helped me with parts I needed for my baby wolf. Of course I added more and loved every thing I got. Extremely happy with towel kit I ordered. Thank you so much!


Instructor Janis

Always awesome!


Brassard 8/2 cotton

Your display on your website of these yarns is the BEST I'VE EVER SEEN! So easy to compare colors AND color names. Can't wait to get an order off to you.


Grateful for you!

From my first phone call to the latest (and there have been many), your helpful information and impeccable customer service have been incomparable. I chose an Ashford table loom (and two loom stands to make it travel-worthy) based on your expert recommendations, and I am delighted with these products, as well as with the yarns and weaving kits I chose to try. I'm excited to see you offer Zoom classes--the bright techno spot of this sad pandemic. Thank you for your wonderful selection of products and, most of all, for your creative, friendly and knowledgeable staff. You're my go-to place for anything related to spinning or weaving.

Used Becka 8 Shaft 48

Beka Floor Loom

I recently purchased a used Beka 36" 8 harness floor loom, and it is marvelous. It is so well-constructed, and easy and comfortable to dress! The swing-down back beam gives you ample access to the rear of the loom, and by removing the front beam (two screws - simple!) and lifting off the beater, you can get within inches of the harnesses, making threading a breeze. I highly recommend this no-nonsense loom for a beginner, or a seasoned weaver. I also recommend downloading the manual that can be found here: www.bekainc.com

Used Country Spinner

bulky spinner

This is probably an Indian Valley Spinner by Tom Ricci -- check if there is a Ricci cast into the large iron wheel. It's a powerhouse of a wheel -- great for rug yarn.

Used Gilmore 4 Shaft 40

40 inch, 4 shaft Gilmore floor loom with bench

I bought one just like this several years ago from ETC. It is a gem. I love it. It's versatile and solid. You can weave fine linens or rugs on this sturdy, dependable loom.

Used Gilmore 4 Shaft 40

4 shaft 40 inch Gilmore

I bought a loom identical to this one about 4 years ago from ETC. I love this loom. It is sturdy and very versatile. I've woven fine pieces (20/2 cotton) as well as a wool rug on this loom with equal success. Highly recommended.

Image Amazing folks at the center! You guys are the best. I purchased a used loom, was going to have my nephew pick it up, break it down and ship it to me. Instead you broke it down, placed instructions on painters tape, and sent photos and books - gave me my childhood/adulthood desire in a box from Eugene! I was able to put it together the afternoon it arrived with only one dumb question to Suzie.

Suzie, Vickie and the folks at the Eugene Textile Center are amazing!

I really enjoy being at Eugene Textile Center! The people are very friendly and good vibes flow throughout.

Great place to learn about fiber art!
The staff is extremely helpful, friendly and well knowledge about anything and everything regarding textiles.

We ordered new cables for our HD loom as the original leather ones were breaking. The service from ETC was fabulous, both online and over the phone (and the new cables are good too).

there are so many wonderful things at the ETC. The fibers, equipment and best of all, the staff are fabulous. IT is one of my favorite places in Eugene. If they don't have what you are looking for they can get it for you.

The Shimmering Colors workshop with Bobbie Irwin was a great learning experience and fun with friendly classmates. Suzie and the ETC staff distinguish themselves with generous and friendly personalized service and support. Thanks!

Lichen Dyeing Class with Cheshire

Lichen Dyeing Class

This class is a combination of hands-on-learning and a generous overview of lichen biology, identification, and technique to extract an amazing variety of colors from dried up bits. Very knowledgeable teacher, great handouts, and good classroom space. You go home with two scarves you've created yourself, color yarn samples of eight different lichen dyes, and lots of low cost ideas for dyeing at home using lichens.

These are the nicest and most helpful folks. I just purchased a very high quality used loom from them. I highly recommend these very knowledgeable folks. They went beyond the call of duty to make my purchase a pleasant one.

This shop is an amazing find! Suzie and her staff are more than willing to help with anything that you need. From loom selection to reading pattern drafts, ETC gives new meaning to service after the sale!
Kathryn Messer, Keizer, OR

I have purchased items online and also visited the store in person. They carry a great variety of equipment, tools and fibers, but what really sets them apart is fabulous customer service. The folks at Eugene Textile Center provide personalized service and are very knowledgeable. They are friendly and make shopping a pleasure. Eugene Textile Center has exceeded my expectations on several occasions and I highly recommend this company.

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