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Brassard 8/2 cotton

Your display on your website of these yarns is the BEST I'VE EVER SEEN! So easy to compare colors AND color names. Can't wait to get an order off to you.

A Weaver's Book of 8-Shaft Patterns

8-Shaft weaving must have

When I got my 8 shaft loom I asked friends in my guild which weaving books I should get and this was top of the list. When ever I am asked the same question I always respond in the same way now.

"A Weavers Book of 8 Shaft Patterns" is a must have for any weaving library. The wealth of drafts and explain actions will keep you busy for a long time. Drafts are easy to follow for people who have some experience already reading drafts and if you need to see cloth in color you can always joint the facebook page where people share their work (I have been inspired there by drafts that didn't catch my eye in the book).

Highly recommend this book!

I was really excited to see this book come into the shop! It's a great resource for wet felters who want to up their felting game with felted garments. Jenny begins with the underlying principles of creating a nuno-felted garment from start to finish. This includes tools, workspace, fiber placement techniques, fulling and shaping, shrink rates and pattern template design. She continues with 7 guided projects to display those principles on a variety of garment shapes with LOADS of pictures to help with technique.

Each project works with new textural and dye effects as well. Armed with the underlying principles and the hands-on practice, the reader will be able to design and create unique felted garments! This book is accessible to felters with an introductory knowledge of nuno felting.

Cotton 8/2 Baby Soft

The best for towels

This is my go-to yarn for handwoven towels. Nice and soft, as advertised. Drapes nicely and hasn't broken or frayed while weaving.

Cotton 8/2 Baby Soft, Natural

Really nice yarn!

I have used this for a few projects now, and it is really nice yarn. I am looking forward to dyeing it, but the natural is a wonderful creamy ivory, and the yarn is both strong while weaving and soft off the loom. I don't think I found ANY knots in the first cone, and am partway through the second and no knots there, either. I wove a sett gamp, from 30 epi down to 15 epi and from 30 (really 28) ppi to 10 ppi, and the cloth was lovely all the way through. There's a sweet spot at around 20 for balanced plainweave, but it's all useful cloth!

Designing Woven Fabrics

Love This Book

This is an amazing book! I'm currently weaving the sample blanket from her book and loving every minute. At the end I will have 500 different small 2/2 twill based samples in one blanket. Every new treadling is an adventure. Highly recommend this book.

Double with a Twist

Double With A Twist

Very poorly edited. This book has several printing errors and confusing information. The drafts are mainly written for looms with more than 8 shafts. When questioning Marian Stubenitsky about the drafts she provides conflicting information. I would not recommend this book for inexperienced weavers and the weavers who can interpret what Stubenisky means are skilled enough to not need this book at all. The translation of the book from Dutch to English may be part of the problem but overall I think it's poorly edited

Double with a Twist

Double with a Twist - Errata Link

It's a beautiful book, lots over my head, but fun to study. There is a link to errata here: https://www.weefschool.nl/en/books/errata/errata-book-double-with-a-twist (also the other Dutch weaving books - see the bottom of the page where it says "

Eco Print

Eco Printing

Best class ever and Janis is the BEST.... More than 5 Stars!!!!!

Eco Print

Eco-printing with Janis

Great class! Janis is so knowledgeable and her classes are well-paced, full of information, handouts and helpful suggestions. Plus, they're fun!

This was the most fun I've ever had creating yarn. I'd always dreamed of making a wild and wonderful art yarn. ETC has supplies galore and I love their workshop. Classes are always over too soon! I can't wait to sign up for the next Feast!

Feast Art Yarns

Spinning Feast Yarn

A fabulous opportunity to play with all sorts of fibers and treasures to make a beautiful skein. Unlike anything I have tried before. Janice is very supportive, and offers excellent tips and advice. I am so excited to continues to apply this technique to fiber I have in my stash!

I am now ordering my 3rd Reindeer bench cover, so each of my 3 loom benches will have one. They are very comfortable, giving a bit of cushioning and warmth. They are easy to place and secure on the bench. Best thing for me--stops me from sliding around! Thanks Eugene Textile Center for offering this item.

Heddle Clips, Set of 8

Colored Heddle Clips

I am a NEW weaver. These are great! I use them to help me see which shafts/harnesses are moving, which shaft I'm threading, in addition to tending unused heddles.

These are great to keep track of the 8 shafts. I just wish they came in 8 different colors versus 4 of each heddle.

Heddle Clips, Set of 8

The perfect tiny tool

These are just perfect for holding the heddles neatly out of the way. Tiny and cheap, but colorful and useful. I love them.

JaggerSpun: The Heather Line

current favorite

This is my current favorite yarn. I have been using the 2/20 in Sagebrush for the warp (and tabby) in a few monks' belt patterned scarves and shawls with literally no breakage. I love the heathered colors as a background color.

JaggerSpun: Zephyr Wool-Silk

Zephyr Real Red is more pink than red

VERY disappointed in the Real Red, it looks more pink than red. I have the color cards and it is pinker than the color cards. I'd suggesting calling first to check on the actual color of the yarn

Mixed Media Felted Scarf

Felted Scarf class

This class was so fun! We had a great group, with varied styles so it was interesting! And Janis, as usual, was an excellent teacher! The materials available to us in class were rich and abundant, too!

Natural Dyes: Hand-Painting a Color Library

Natural Dye Painting Class

This wonderful natural dye class was expertly led by Elin Noble. The Eugene Textile Center is a great facility and the staff are always ready to help out. The array of resources available there are amazing.


Great Store!

I just ordered for the first time. Great customer service, helped me with parts I needed for my baby wolf. Of course I added more and loved every thing I got. Extremely happy with towel kit I ordered. Thank you so much!


Instructor Janis

Always awesome!


Brassard 8/2 cotton

Your display on your website of these yarns is the BEST I'VE EVER SEEN! So easy to compare colors AND color names. Can't wait to get an order off to you.


Grateful for you!

From my first phone call to the latest (and there have been many), your helpful information and impeccable customer service have been incomparable. I chose an Ashford table loom (and two loom stands to make it travel-worthy) based on your expert recommendations, and I am delighted with these products, as well as with the yarns and weaving kits I chose to try. I'm excited to see you offer Zoom classes--the bright techno spot of this sad pandemic. Thank you for your wonderful selection of products and, most of all, for your creative, friendly and knowledgeable staff. You're my go-to place for anything related to spinning or weaving.


Fireside Jack loom an adventure at ETC

Appreciation is an understatement! My partner and I came to ETC with the hope or expectation of buying either a new or a used loom, and with the unstinting support of Susannah, Suzie, and Rob, over several hours, we selected a used loom… and we have only woven on a rigid heddle loom and have never had a class. They showed us every used or new loom in the store… and that is a lot… that had any similarity to our imagined desires. We learned a lot about looms and wound up buying a glorious Fireside loom that was made in Oregon in the early 80’s. (In polishing up our new loom we found its birthdate… you could say its birth certificate … stamped in one of the posts.) Instead of buying a new four-shaft loom in maple, we got an old, beautifully made eight-shaft loom in cherry-wood for less money. It will take over our family room, because it is a large, almost ponderous, but beautiful work of art. We can weave anything from hand towels to rugs. The service they rendered, from selecting the loom, explaining what will be needed to set it up, and then help loading it into our U-Haul trailer, was fantastic. I was already a happy customer, from buying yarns online, but now I’m an avid fan. Thank you all!


Best Crafting Shop Ever!!

I am a local soapmaker...I felt around some of the bars to make shower/bath scrubbies, and after trying a few different sources for wool rovings a friend recommended ETC for the exceptional quality of their wool, friendly and helpful staff and very reasonable pricing! I have spent close to an hour on various occasions, sitting on the floor and picking through the pirates' chest full of gorgeous wool rovings! I always wind up leaving with a large basket of wool and a big smile 💖


Great Customer Service

I placed my first order with ETC the end of November and my order was shipped the same day. After a week of bouncing around the USPS system it appeared to be lost. When I notified ETC that the order hadn't been delivered and I might need a refund or replacement, they responded promptly and positively. Great Customer Service. I'll order from them again.


Floor loom

Thank you so much for encouraging me to dive in and purchase the 46" Oregon Trail floor loom you had on consignment. My husband was right it has been a joy to work with. Please also thank the lady that was there weaving (she said she drops in regularly to do so) she was very excited for me and helped me believe this was the right thing to do. Thank you again, Felicia The wiggle in the first hem line is from a back beam tie up string snapping from old age. That is the 4th towel on the warp and I will be changing all of those out at the end of this warp.

Used Becka 8 Shaft 48

Beka Floor Loom

I recently purchased a used Beka 36" 8 harness floor loom, and it is marvelous. It is so well-constructed, and easy and comfortable to dress! The swing-down back beam gives you ample access to the rear of the loom, and by removing the front beam (two screws - simple!) and lifting off the beater, you can get within inches of the harnesses, making threading a breeze. I highly recommend this no-nonsense loom for a beginner, or a seasoned weaver. I also recommend downloading the manual that can be found here: www.bekainc.com

Used Country Spinner

bulky spinner

This is probably an Indian Valley Spinner by Tom Ricci -- check if there is a Ricci cast into the large iron wheel. It's a powerhouse of a wheel -- great for rug yarn.

Used Gilmore 4 Shaft 40

40 inch, 4 shaft Gilmore floor loom with bench

I bought one just like this several years ago from ETC. It is a gem. I love it. It's versatile and solid. You can weave fine linens or rugs on this sturdy, dependable loom.

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